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The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript, a mysterious handwritten manuscript also referred to as the VMS, contains a text in an unknown script. The script uses 20-30 different glyphs. The exact number is uncertain since it is unclear whether some of the glyphs are distinct characters or a ligature of two other characters. The text was written from left to right and apparently divided by spaces into word tokens. The modern history of the medieval manuscript starts in 1912, when the Polish-born bookseller Wilfried Voynich bought it from a Jesuit college in Italy.
Since its discovery the manuscript has attracted the attention of numerous researchers. So far, however, nobody has been able to reveal the secret of the unknown script.

The text of the VMS seems to be unique because repetitive phrases are missing. In a text using human language grammatical relations should exist between words, and these relations should result in words used together multiple times. Therefore, the lack of repetitive phrases is surprising for a whole book containing more than 37,000 words.

The words in the VMS build a network of words similar to each other. The following pages illustrate this network of similar words for the Voynich Manuscript.

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Dresden, January 2017
Torsten Timm