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Currier types

The textual variations in the VMS where named by Currier in 1976 as languages 'A' and 'B'. According to Currier two or more scribes created the manuscript, and each scribe only wrote a part of the manuscript. The graphs for the languages Currier A and B demonstrate that for Currier A word types similar to "daiin" and "chol" are typical whereas for Currier B types similar to "chol" are rarely used. Instead for Currier B many types which doesn't exist in Currier A are used. Typical word types for Currier B are "chedy"/"shedy", "qokain"/"qokaiin" and "qokeedy"/"qokedy". The graphs show that the word types typical for Currier A and B are connected with each other. Word types known from Currier A also occur in Currier B but types typical for Currier B are missing for Currier A. This indicates that Currier B is a enhanced version of Currier A.

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words preferred in Currier A (red) and in Currier B (green)
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Currier A
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To highlight words similar to "daiin", "ol" and "chedy" graph coloring is used. All nodes for a word that contains the glyph "i" are orange. Nodes for a word ending in "d" or "y" are purple. Nodes for words containing "ol", "or", "ar", "al" or end with "am" or "os" are green. All other nodes are colored using blue.