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Sections in the Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich manuscript contains exotic illustrations of unidentifiable plants, cosmological charts, astronomical symbols and bathing women. Based on these illustrations it is possible to split the manuscript into multiple sections.

Typical for the sections using Currier A are word types similar to "daiin" and "chol" and typical for sections using Currier B are word types similar to "chedy" and types starting with "qo". The following table lists the number of times some key word types did occur for each section of the VMS.

"daiin""aiin""qokaiin""chol""cheody""chedy""qokeedy"word count
Herbal in Currier A4033312288108087
Pharmaceutical (A)993924518102529
Herbal in Currier B7272201376293233
Stars (B)122193114623319013710673
Biological (B)8432881402101536911

The sections are orderes in a way that two sections with similar frequencies follow each other. This way a steady development from Currier A to Currier B is revealed. It is possible to illustrate this process with the following graphs of similar word types for each section.

all types
Herbal in Currier A
all types
Pharmaceutical (A)
all types
all types
all types
Herbal in Currier B
all types
Stars (B)
all types
Biological (B)

To highlight words similar to "daiin", "ol" and "chedy" graph coloring is used. All nodes for a word that contains the glyph "i" are orange. Nodes for a word ending in "d" or "y" are purple. Nodes for words containing "ol", "or", "ar", "al" or end with "am" or "os" are green. All other nodes are colored using blue.